Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Stocks

My Stocks application allows you to stay in touch with stock market any time you have your phone. You can view how a particular stock is doing or you can pretend to buy and sell stocks. You can see how much profit or loss you made, view detailed information for any stocks, and view history charts for any company you choose. This application can be used as game that allows you to try different strategies and over some period you can select one what best works for you. It can prepare you to jump into real stock marketing.

First thing you probably have to do is to view the help documentation.  It will allow you to quickly become familiar with how this application works.  To view help, click on 'Menu' key on home page.

Navigate through this Help document by using 'Previous', 'Home', and 'Next' buttons. Below are some screen shots to give some idea about how 'My Stocks' application work.

Real Time Stock

Real Time Stock allows you to view real time stocks prices. It is simple to use and can be very helpful for people trying to making money on the stock market.

When you start application, enter stocks symbols in text field, press 'Submit' button, and in couple seconds you will receive a list of stocks you entered with the latest price and latest price change in absolute and percentage form.

Again, it is not 15-20 minute delayed info, but the very latest prices for those stocks. By tapping and holding particular stock via pop up menu, you have access to more detailed information of that stock.

You can view company details,

candlestick/volume charts

or yahoo charts.

This application has all the information you need to improve your success in the stock market business.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Deal Finder now available on Android Market

As you already know, finding a good deal on sites such as, depends often on when you visit the site, or in other words how lucky you are to be on the site at right time.  You can spend all day searching a site, but items that you are looking for can appear right after you leave site, and be gone before you start a search for the same item next time. Deal Finder allows you to enter search parameters on a particular item and will notify you once the new items you are looking for became available, so you can quickly contact seller.
You can start your search for the item by selecting 'Search Setup' from Menu and filling out the form that appears. Once you click 'Start Search' button, Deal Finder will search items on every 10 minutes and will notify you only when new items appear.
Deal Finder, will help you avoid missing a good deal.

How the application works:

After installation, you will see Deal Finder icon on you device application screen.

Open application to view the Welcome screen.

You can set frequency for search by using preferences. Click Menu key on your Android device and you will see four options. Click 'Preferences'.

Select time period.

Click the back key on your device to go back to the welcome screen.
Click Menu key on you Android device again and click on 'Search Setup'.

On 'Search Setup' screen, enter data in form fields.

Start typing in 'Type City' field and application should prompt city names currently available on for search. Now you can choose from more than 400 US cities.

If you select sound or vibration notification method, a warning message will appear. Read it carefully and click the 'Continue' button.

After filling out form, click 'Start Search' button.

After search is started, you can view search result. Click the back key on your device to go back to the welcome screen. Click Menu key and select 'View Result' the on bottom of the screen. This brings up the Search Result list. In title bar you will see Search Started text with a green icon next to it. When search is stopped or not active, this icon turns to red.  You can view details of an item by clicking on it.

In the details screen, you can click on the back button on top to go back to list. If text on this screen matches the phone number pattern, you can click on it to make a phone call. You can also click on link under 'More Information' text to view item in browser.

If an item was viewed a least once, you will see an icon with a check mark next to it. Items that were never opened have the 'New' icon next to them.

Again, the nice thing about this application is the ability to notify you when new item that fit your search criteria became available. When you select 'none' as notification method, you will only see notification icon in status bar when you turn your device on. When you select sound or vibration method, you will get sound or vibration notification even when your phone is turned off.  Use this method just as long as you need it, to save battery energy of your device.

When you are not using Deal Finder, be sure to stop search. To do so, go back to Welcome screen, click Menu key, and select 'Stop Search' option.  Now when you view search results, you will see a red icon next to 'Search Stopped' text.