Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mobile Fitness Tracker

Mobile Fitness Tracker has the ability to track and record data, about your exercise activity. This program also calculates and gives you information about your progress during exercise. The information can be viewed on your device or presented with audio. You can record new exercises, or compete with previously recorded exercises. This is also a multilingual application. Currently, it has text and voice support in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and only text support in Russian.

To download application click here.

When you start this application for the first time, you will see this screen

Click button to add first user,  

Fill out the form and click the Save button. Screen with disable Start button will appear.

Click Settings tab (Right bottom corner), verify workout configuration and click the Save button.
Now click the Workout tab, and you will see page bellow.

 With your finger you can slide this screen left and right to see more info.

When you click the Start button, the program will first check to see if the device is ready to record your location. At this time, you will see a blinking Waiting message and the button will have an orange color. 

 After your device establishes a connection with the satellites, the button will turn red, and the message will depend from your settings options. If you select not to follow any previous workouts, the button will turn into a Stop button.

If you select to compete with previous workouts, the button will turn into an Interrupt button. 

When you click on the orange button, it will cancel the preparation for your workout, and the button will turn into a Start button. 

By clicking on weather icon, you will get a page with weather forecasts for four days.

 You can view info about your progress on the Workout tab or the Map View tab.

You can switch the map between a Satellite view and a Street view by clicking on icon in top right corner.

For more information on how to use application, you can use Help built into application. Just click the Menu key on your device and select Help.

You can navigate threw the help document by using the Next, Preview or Home buttons.

Below are just some additional screen shots, to give you an idea of what the application can do. 

History tab. Additional icon on the right means that other workouts were competing against this one.

When you select a particular workout and click on the Details button, you will see the screen below.

Same thing, just in Street view mode.

Click the Chart button in History tab.

Charts when you compete with other workouts.

Score page for competing workouts.

Workout Setting tab. The Follow Previous Workout check box will appear if at least one workout is completed or imported and you will see it in the History tab.

Workout Setting tab with workout for competition selected.

When you click on the Menu key, select Import, and you have the file that your friend sent to you, saved on SD card in 'download' directory.

To import workout data into Mobile Fitness Tracking application, you first have to save the data that was sent to you. Open the email application on your device and click on attachment, to save it. There will probably be some differences in this process depending on your device, OS, and email application. So make sure the file attached to the email is saved on the SD card in 'download' directory.

When you don't have the file on SD card in 'download' directory.

Setting Users. Click Menu key and select User Setup.


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Flight and Fight

Soar through the sky, and defeat your enemy, with the new 3D Flight and Fight application for the Android. Shoot down all the planes, and progress through each level. Watch out though, because they do shoot back! You only have three lives, so watch out! A blinking icon of a missile, in the bottom left hand corner of your screen will indicate that you are in the same position as the planes and that it is the best opportunity to shoot. In some instances, if you scratch the opposing plane, it will start to smoke, which means it can't shoot back at you. If you shoot at it again though, it will be destroyed. In order to fly, you have two settings. You can tilt your phone, or use arrows to go up, down, or sideways. These settings can be changed in the "Settings" page. So, if you like lots of action and challenge packed into your Android games, get the new Flight and Fight game today!

So heres how to use application.

First thing you will see when you start application will be progress window.

When the program finishes loading you will get to the main menu screen.

You can use Settings to select the type of control for game.

If you select

you will use arrows to  control movement of the plane.

To control plane by tilting your phone select 
and you will get this when you start your game:

A blinking icon of a missile, in the bottom left hand corner of your screen will indicate that you are in the same altitude as the planes and that it is the best opportunity to shoot them.

 You can pause the game by clicking...

From this screen you can quit or resume the game.

You can check your scores by selecting Highscore from main menu.

You can reset the scores by clicking...

When you get the highest score you will receive some firework before games ended.

Every level adds speed to the planes movement, and frequency of the shooting.

To download application click here

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Stocks

My Stocks application allows you to stay in touch with stock market any time you have your phone. You can view how a particular stock is doing or you can pretend to buy and sell stocks. You can see how much profit or loss you made, view detailed information for any stocks, and view history charts for any company you choose. This application can be used as game that allows you to try different strategies and over some period you can select one what best works for you. It can prepare you to jump into real stock marketing.

First thing you probably have to do is to view the help documentation.  It will allow you to quickly become familiar with how this application works.  To view help, click on 'Menu' key on home page.

Navigate through this Help document by using 'Previous', 'Home', and 'Next' buttons. Below are some screen shots to give some idea about how 'My Stocks' application work.

Real Time Stock

Real Time Stock allows you to view real time stocks prices. It is simple to use and can be very helpful for people trying to making money on the stock market.

When you start application, enter stocks symbols in text field, press 'Submit' button, and in couple seconds you will receive a list of stocks you entered with the latest price and latest price change in absolute and percentage form.

Again, it is not 15-20 minute delayed info, but the very latest prices for those stocks. By tapping and holding particular stock via pop up menu, you have access to more detailed information of that stock.

You can view company details,

candlestick/volume charts

or yahoo charts.

This application has all the information you need to improve your success in the stock market business.